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European Commission
The European Commission embodies and upholds the general interest of the Union and is the driving force in the Union's institutional system. Its four main roles are to propose legislation to Parliament and the Council, to administer and implement Community policies, to enforce Community law (jointly with the Court of Justice) and to negotiate international agreements, mainly those relating to trade and cooperation.

United Nations
The United Nations was established to preserve peace through international cooperation and collective security. It provide the means to help resolve international conflicts and formulate policies on matters affecting all of us. This site provides links to job opportunities with UN agencies such as UNHCR, UNICEF, UNDP, etc.

Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC)
“The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC) is an international network of over 250 Parliamentarians from 72 countries of the world, organized by region to build integrity and promote effective governance. GOPAC serves as the global point of contact while regional networks work to strengthen the capacity of parliamentarians to address issues of corruption. With the Parliamentary Centre acting as Global Secretariat, GOPAC supports the establishment and maintenance of these regional and national chapters of parliamentarians through support such as information sharing, providing research on best practices and liasing with other international organizations”.

The Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption has chapters in every region of the world. GOPAC regional chapters vary from the fully developed and undertaking a number of activities to those still in the process of formation.

Other Multilateral Agencies

Government Agencies / Federal

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Relations
The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade represents Canada abroad through a network of embassies and offices around the world. Our objectives are to promote prosperity, ensure Canadians' security within a global framework, and promote Canadian values and culture on the international stage.

Canada Immigration and Refugee Board
The Immigration and Refugee Board, as an independent tribunal, is committed to its mission to make well-reasoned decisions on immigration and refugee matters efficiently, fairly and in accordance with the law. The Board's decisions affect the lives of many people such as, permanent residents, visitors to Canada and persons seeking refugee protection in Canada.

Industry Canada
The department works with Canadians throughout the economy and in all parts of the country to improve conditions for investment, improve Canada's innovation performance, increase Canada's share of global trade and build a fair, efficient and competitive marketplace.

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